Lights, Sound, Action: Enhancing Productions With Audio-Visual ToolsLights, Sound, Action: Enhancing Productions With Audio-Visual Tools

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Lights, Sound, Action: Enhancing Productions With Audio-Visual Tools

Hello and welcome to my audio visual blog. My name is Trevor, and throughout school, I used to handle the audio-visual needs for our theatre group. I helped with light design, ran the lightboard for many shows, played with the lights and organised projections. Now, in my career, I routinely give lectures and training seminars to corporate groups, and I rely on my old audio-visual skills to make those presentations special. I'm not required to do that as part of my job, but it's something that I love to do. It gives all of my presentations an extra edge. If you've got any sort of presentation or performance coming up, I invite you to explore these ideas and posts on audio visual.



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How to Ensure That Your Music Event Is a Success and Not a Dud

If you are throwing a party, your reputation is on the line. You don't want to be known as somebody who produces something mediocre, but rather you want all of your visitors to be talking about your gig for some time into the future. There are certainly a lot of different elements involved in a killer event, but one of the most important is the quality of the sound. A party is nothing, after all, without great music, and you will need to represent it well. What are some of the points to remember when you are hiring your equipment?

Assessing Your Budget

While every event has to have a budget, of course, be careful trying to cut corners as much as possible when it comes to your choice of hired equipment. If you go for "cheap," then you're unlikely to get the best outcome. Certainly, you might visit a rental store and hear what the potential equipment sounds like for a few minutes and be quite happy with that demonstration, but cheaper products will definitely decline in output quality as time goes by. This is because heat is built up within the speaker units of cheaper products and as this happens, the quality of the sound will decline inexorably, as the party progresses.

How to Choose Correctly

Your choice of speakers will be determined largely by the type of space you're going to use and the number of attendees that you are expecting. Different speakers will provide a different sound in these various scenarios. The larger the space and the greater the population density, the higher the output required.

If your event focuses primarily on music (such as a dance party) then you will need to get speakers that are on the higher end of the wattage range and that include amplifiers which can produce this high range continuously, rather than in short bursts. In fact, continuous wattage is the key to ensuring that you get a good outcome. If you've ever been to a party where those big bass "woofers" start to become distorted at peak hour, then you know that the right type of equipment was not chosen at that particular event.

What Do You Need?

Have another look at your budget and don't try and cut any corners when it comes to choosing the best quality sound equipment. Have a word with your suppliers to get their advice, as they will help you to choose the correct configuration for your space and attendee requirement.

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